Monday, February 12, 2018


Uniqlo's Polo ~ Cotton On's Skirt ~ New Look's Platform Shoes ~ Gifted Bag from Japan

Aye Mates!
How are you? How's life? Hope y'all doin fine. I myself have been doing fine. Last week I went to Q2HAN's meet and greet here in Indonesia with my URL friends, Grace, Ci Mei, Lystia and even made some new friends there, that's cool haha. Qjin and Qwon are so cute in real life, I managed to vlog throughout that day and event, vlog will be up soon on my youtube channel ;;)

For this look I'm fully inspired by my current fave kpop girl group, yes, you guess it right, BLACKPINK IN UR AREA. Gosh I can't believe I just typed that lol but that line is so iconic and really stuck in my brain the whole time. They're image is so girl crush and very tumblr-ish, with all those tennis skirt, fishnets, boots, choker, crop top, knee-high socks and much more. Like everything are my fave fashion pieces, it's just that I've been evolving into more girlier style lately. I scrolled to my gallery and found this photos that were taken two months ago and I can't help posting it because I just finished watching Blackpink's TV and just got some inspiration to make this post. This look gives out a school girl vibe and rebel kind of feeling? HAHA I don't know doe. What'd ya think about it? Am I ready to be the fifth member of Blackpink? HAHAHAHA #forgiveme #justkidding 

I usually never watch any girl group's MV unless it's very tumblrish or catchy song or iconic (?) this is my first time watching all the MVs for a girl group. All their songs are super catchy especially Boombayah and As If It's Your Last, I'm in love with everything about it. Especially the live performances, their stage outfits looks so bomb! If you're wondering who's my bias in Blackpink, to be honest I can't choose. But if to put in order, the members that always catch my eyes will always be Jennie Kim-Lisa-Rose-Jisoo. There you go. I really can't wait for Blackpink's next comeback. Anyway who's your fave singer or band or boy/girl group? Let me know, I'm curious! :)
*ps. I'll talk about my faves boy group soon HEHE

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-Cheers, Michelle
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Night to Remember

Aye Mates!

What’s your fave occasion during year-end of school? Mine would be PROM NIGHT!! Even tough lets be real, I never been to prom before #myschoolsucks lol. Back then every time I watched High School Musical 3, I really love the scene where the girls talking about prom and those dresses are just so beautiful. An 8 year old me always can’t wait to grow up and go to the prom. I always picturize this beautiful dress that I will wear to prom when I grow up, I specifically want something sleeveless dress and something long. I wouldn’t mind spending quite much for a prom dress because after all it’s a night to remember yeah? 13 years after that, I found my perfect prom dress, it’s this sleeveless-long-beaded dress with light gray color from promshopau.


Even tough I maybe too old for prom but who knows I can wear this to my relative’s wedding party or just fancy dinner or party in general.
I found a website promshopau based in Australia and they curated loads of magical and beautiful dresses for prom even for wedding purposes (wedding gowns & bridesmaid dresses). Everything is so beautiful that I just wish to slip in that dress and take tons of photos. No need to worries if you’re not from around the area, they ship worldwide and how cool is that. Anyway that is all for today's post it's a short one but I just miss prom and school so much :(

-Cheers, Michelle
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Friday, December 29, 2017

Thank You 2017

Tailored Made Shirt ~ Vintage Esprit's Pants ~ @Peonyjewel.ID's Earrings ~ Gifted Bag ~ Slip-on Loafers courtesy of my aunt

Aye Mates!

How’s your 2017 so far? Can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2017, time did flies really fast. 2017 had been good but it’s not always happy, sunshine and rainbow like those tales in storybook. Sometimes life can be mean to us eh? Well but that’s life. You can’t expect your life to be a perfect kdramas, life is like a wheel. Where at some point we feel so high and on the top of the world then in just a split of time we went low and hit the rock bottom. If I’m not mistaken there’s a song that has a lyric like “what comes up must come down”, life is seriously as fair as that.

My 2017 has been nothing but weird lol. What I meant by weird is my emotional. At one day I started off my day feeling so happy and energetic but then in couple of hours I feel so tired and drained and my mood just drop and I feel like not doing anything. What I hate the most from that is I became more emotional that my brain was filled with all these negativity, I remembered all the worst side of me that made me blamed myself, when have my days like that it just really shows on my face (I have restless bitch face btw I know, people said that all the time) that people said that I looks so mean when I didn’t mean to. All of a sudden I just feel so depressed. 

Now I don’t really want to use the word “depressed” after what happen to SHINEE’s Jonghyun. When the news came I seriously can’t accept the fact, I love SHINEE but not as much as BTS, Jonghyun committed suicide leaving a letter behind stating that he’s depressed and he just want someone to tell that he did good. I used to think I’m depressed because of my situation that I stated before, I even cut but I’m not bold enough to actually cut it so deep. I’m tired but yet I don’t want to feel pain even for the last time ha! I’m such a coward huh? That’s why I really can’t accept the fact that Jonghyun committed suicide because of his depression. I mean he’s rich duh, fans love him, whatever he want he could have it. But then I remembered money can’t always bring happiness, there are still some things that don’t required money, love, happiness, peace and all things like that. I’ll talk more about my depression and all that stuff in a separate blog or video if you’re interested let me know.

I’m doing a what I’m grateful for 2017 and what I want to achieve in 2018 video soon on my channel Booitsmichelle, subscribe so you’ll get the latest update from me. I’m so grateful for 2017 because I still get through another year and given a chance to start again every day. What are you grateful for 2017? Let me know, I’m curious! 

To sum up: Thank you so much 2017, you had been great and for now I'm gonna restart and can't wait to write loads of my personal thoughts on a blank page or even book :)

-Cheer, Michelle

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hang in There

H&M's Dress & Choker ~ Vans Shoes ~ Thrifted Parka

Aye Mates!

How’s life? Mine has been okay I guess. Still struggling with my thesis proposal doe, but at least I am determined that I’m going to do qualitative research based thesis since I’m not that good with math but yet I’m an accounting student lol. So that’s for the update of my life. How about yours? Let me know, I’m curious!

As from my last video “Office Look Makeup Tutorial + WorkingFrom Home vs Going to The Office #ChellesThoughts”, ps go click the link and watch it, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to join me familia. I created a new series called #ChellesThoughts, it’s about my personal thoughts regarding certain topics and yesterday I talked about working from home compared to going to the office. I personally prefer going to the office since I have the excuse to buy new clothes for work lol even tough working from home is the best thing on earth since you don’t have to wake up early in the morning (talking about flexible working hours). Going to the office here for me means working for a company, I prefer that because I get stable income and I think that what’s really matter to me. Working from home here means being a full-time blogger and youtuber etc, I know some of you here earns more by doing blog and youtube rather than basic workers, but since I’m not that famous (HA!) I don’t really earn much #letsbereal. 

The reason why I’m doing blog and youtube at the first place is because I just want to channel out my personal style and photography. Since I’m very interested with fashion, photography, beauty and writing ever since I was a kid. Blogging and youtube channel are my platforms to channel out all of that, at first I didn’t know that people notice my blog or ever read it, I’m doing it purely just for fun. When I first started blogging some of my friends talk said nasty stuff and I was afraid that they’ll unfriend me so I took a break and wrote down my blog on private. As I grow up I realized why hide when this is what I’m good at, this is me and the only thing I can be proud of so I started to make my blog public gain. Who knows turns out there are people that share the same interest and stories as I do. I’m really grateful for every single one of you that read my blog and watches me on my youtube channel. Who knows from blogging and youtube I could make some virtual friends (I’m very socially awkward unicorn in real life) here and it’s so much fun! So yes I never thought of earning income from blogging and youtube. I’m so thankful as well for all brands that ever collabing with me. 

If I could go back and time travel, here’s what I would say to my 12-years-old self “hang in there! Just keep doing what you always do. As long as it makes you happy, just do it. What others said about you and your life doesn’t really matter. There will always be people that hate your or jealous of you, you can’t always please everyone and it’s okay. Be yourself no matter what. It’s your life. Make the most out of it.”

This is quite a long post eh? Wish could write longer version of history of TheSwaggieUnicorn, what’d ya think? Let me know and have a great day ahead.

-Cheer, Michelle
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