Thursday, November 16, 2017

Act Cool

Forever21's Tanktop ~ Vintage Esprit's Pants ~ Vintage Chanel's Bag ~ New Look's Sandals

Aye Mates!
What would you do if you see your crush coming your way? Act cool but ended doing the weirdest thing ever? Pretend like you didn’t know he or she exists? Pretending to be busy? Stares? Called him or her out like as if you know them well? Friendly smile? What will you do?

As in my case, I tried to act cool as if I didn’t know he’s coming but I ended up being so weird and my face blushed up till I think it really shows on my face. I tried my best not to look at him but always ended up staring because hey you can’t help it when you see your crush, am I rite? My friend told me that it’s okay for girls to make the first move. Call me old-fashion but I really appreciate it when guy make the first move it just really shows how he’s a total gentleman. I don’t get why guy said “girls play-so-hard-to-get” when in reality guys do play-hard-to-get as well. It’s confusing lol. Sometimes I wouldn’t mind introducing myself to the guy I have a crush on first but I just hate the thought of that guy being so pretentious or “geer” or thought that “oh she must like me so much that she makes the first move” or “I must be cool enough that she like me”, like HELLO! WHY? If a guy had a thought like that it really gives me a very bad impression and I will ended up disgusted by it. But what do you think guys?

Yes I currently have a crush one someone that know I exists because my kind of “act cool” (you know what I mean). I’m afraid he sees me as this one weird girl but I don’t know what to do. I can only see him from afar and in secret because somehow I don’t want him to notice my weird existence. Share your stories or experience with your crush and let me know what will you do if you’re in my position. Thanks doe! :)

-Cheer, Michelle
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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kill 'Em with Kindness

Zara's Dress ~ Vans' Oldskool Shoes ~ Clutchthecluch's Clutch ~ PeonyJewel.ID's Earrings

Ayee Mates!

Yesterday I witness a simple act of kindness that really touches my heart. Here goes the story.

I rode gojek in the morning and during the red light, a man tap my gojek driver and said “please tell that lady at the front that her money is popping out from the pocket and it’s dangerous.” So my go
jek driver told her about it and that lady said thank you. I don’t know why, call me weird, but that simple act of kindness really warms my heart. Like I thought to myself “not all people are bad I guess.”

We live in a world full of hatred and crimes everywhere. I always thought there is no more love and peace left in this world, people are getting mean and selfish day by day. But turns out there’s still hope, if people or us wants to be a change, we can! Stop and look at your surroundings, pay attention maybe there’s someone that need helps with carrying their stuff or crossing the road or doing something. Help them. Maybe your friends or colleagues need help with their homework or projects. Help them. As long as one person has the intention to be nice or kind to others I believe it will infect others as well. Maybe the people you help will help their friends or others and so on. We could build a chain of kindness to others. How cool is that? Always train your mind to see the good in everything. With just ordinary acts of kindness and bravery we could encourage one person to stand up for another. Kindness is contagious.

-Cheer, Michelle
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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Perfectly Imperfect

Gifted Dress ~ Zara's Tee (worn as inner) ~ Bowbow's Shoes ~ Louis Vuitton's Clutch
*ps. groceries shopping gone wrong lol

“We were born to be real not perfect.”

*A message from Me to all of you guys and girls, ladies and gents, all mankind.

All of us have that at least one thing that we wish we could change from ourselves. For me I wish I was born with bigger eyes and skinnier body. Nowadays society through all kind of medias are picturizing their own kinds of perfect. Mostly they’re all the same, skinny bodies, long hair, built posture and much more, they’re like coming from the same factory or production house. Indirectly these pictures play with our mind and planting up a mindset that those are the standards of beauty. We begin to judge ourselves harder, going through a strict diet, plastic surgery and much more to be that kind of beauty.

As I’m planning on today post I came across one quote on weheartit, we were born to be real not perfect. God made us according to His image, He made us carefully and wonderfully made. We’re perfect in His eyes no matter what. Your or our values doesn’t decrease just because someone’s inability to see our worth. You’re beautiful just the way you are and at least you’re not faking up stuffs, you’re real human being that’s born this way. You don’t need cakey makeup to be beautiful. You don’t need to starve yourself to be beautiful. You don’t need to do things that you’re not comfortable to please others or be their kind of beauty. You are you.

Now what you need to is to stop looking at others and start to look at yourself. Look in the mirror and what do you see? I see a strong human being that’s perfect just the way they are. How you see yourself matter more than how others see you. Learn how to love yourself first before you can love others. Unfollow those accounts that once made you feel so small and bad if it’s necessary. Refuse to let the world corrupts you and just be your own kind of beautiful. Just remember when someone called you ugly, I said you’re perfect!

-Cheer, Michelle
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Ain't A Bad Life

Vintage Tee ~ New Look's Jeans ~ Cotton On's Sunnies ~ Payless' Sandals ~ The rest were gifted to me

Aye Mates!
How’s your week? Mine has been quite bad I would say. I know I shouldn’t be saying such stuff especially when I wrote one of my resolutions this year is to “be positive.” But this morning I woke up being the most emotional person ever. Crying for no reason, feeling numb and I just got news that my document for internship got lost so I need to do it all over again, like, umm, I can’t. Loss at word like seriously. I tried to be positive like “oh maybe they’re still checking it again” but my surrounding and my own thoughts really convinced me that it actually got lost.

So now I’m writing this with a very emotional heart (lol) but still trying to be positive by saying “it’s just a bad day not a bad life”, somehow I’m still convinced and praying that my document isn’t actually lost. I kept on singing Not Today by BTS like it’s my special mantra. 

I believe life isn’t always beautiful; we always need to be prepared when our eyes needs to be cleansed with tears and strengthen our heart and faith so we always be prepared to face the harsh of life. Life is about courage and going into the unknown. Since we never know what will happen tomorrow, we can’t ever predict what’s in store for us tomorrow or maybe later. 

I’m going to end this post by a quote “Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen.” Let me know down in the comment box how’s your week and how do you deal with bad day? Eat your hearts out? Sing it out loud? Whatever it is much appreciated :)

-Cheer, Michelle
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